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Wedding Menu

Welcome to Splash Café Gourmet Catering Menu Guide. All prices are subject to change.

We have created a catering menu guide that will fit anyone’s budget and desires.

  • Customize your choice of menu with a specific entrée, vegetable, side dish, salad, bread and appetizers.
  • Specific Entrées, Appetizers, Side Dishes & Salads details can be found below.
  • Appetizer only menus are also available.
  • You are welcome to mix and match entrées, etc to create your custom menu.
  • Our menus can be set up for a served buffet or plated service. Some dinners are also appropriate for family style service.
  • Our experienced staff also provides full set up and cleanup of dining tables, bar-tending & wine pouring service, cake cutting & champagne toast
  • Menu prices do not include beverages, service, gratuity or rentals
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Appetizers (Price per Piece)
Crostinis and Chips
Fresh Tomato Bruschetta with a Balsamic Glaze 1.25
Cranberry, Brie & Pancetta 2.50
Tarragon Chicken Salad w/ Diced Peppers, Grapes & Walnuts 2.50
Tri Tip with Horseradish Cream Cheese & Salsa 2.25
Smoked Salmon with Lemon Cream & Capers 3.00
Gravlox with Capers & Dill Cream Cheese 4.50
Shrimp or Pork Tostada on a Crisp Flour Tortilla 2.25
Seared Ahi Tuna (Sushi Grade) on a Fried Wonton with Spicy Aioli 4.50

Puff Pastries
Baked Crab Puffs 1.75
Potato & Onion Balsamic Glaze 1.75
Tomato & Roasted Garlic with Gruyere Tart 1.75
Bacon Wrapped Shrimp with Spicy Cream Cheese 3.00

Beef or Chicken with a Verde Salsa 2.00
Blue Cheese, Apple & Walnut 2.00
Spinach & Artichoke with Feta 2.00
Spinach & Roasted Pepper 2.00

Dips & Cheeses
Baked Spicy Crab Dip 20.00
Spinach & Artichoke Dip 20.00
Goat Cheese & Sundried Tomato Terrine 20.00
Baked Brie in Pastry with Apricots & Pecans 30.00
Cheese & Fruit Platter 60.00
Caprese Skewers with a Balsamic Glaze 2.00
Chips & Salsa w/ Guacamole 3.50/person

Cocktail Appetizers
Mini Quiche: Bacon, Veggie, Crab & Shrimp, Shrimp & Sausage 1.25
Sausage Pizza Cups 1.25
Grilled Sausages 1.00
Mini Meatballs 1.50
Stuffed Mushrooms 1.50
Thai Meatballs 2.00
Thai Chicken Skewers 2.50
Pork Sliders w/ spicy slaw 3.50

Seafood Appetizers
Shrimp Platter, large (100 tiger shrimp) 180.00
Shrimp Platter, small (50 tiger shrimp) 90.00
Smoked Salmon Mousse in Cream Puffs 1.50
Glazed Bacon Wrapped Prawn Skewer 3.25

Soups and Salads
Chowder & Chili
Splash Café Famous Clam Chowder, Gallon 47.00
Award Winning Green Demon Chili Verde, Gallon 50.00
Chili Con Carne with Beans, Gallon 50.00
Roasted Butternut Squash Soup 50.00
Bread Bowls, empty 2.50
Bread Bowls, 3 oz 3.75 (appetizer size)
Bread Bowls, 5 oz 4.25
Bread Bowls, 8 oz 5.00
Bread Bowls, 12 oz 7.00

Garden Salad with Fresh Tomatoes & Cucumbers 3.00
Cole Slaw, Spicy 3.00
Caesar Salad 3.50
Butter Leaf with Bacon, Candied Walnuts, Feta & Raspberry Vinaigrette 4.00
Fennel Orange Salad on Mixed Greens with Sesame Ginger Vinaigrette 4.00
Romaine Lettuce with Pears, Bleu Cheese Crumbles, Candied Walnuts
with a Honey Mustard Vinaigrette 4.00
Pasta Salad with Veggies Roasted Pine Nuts & Feta Cheese 4.00
Fresh Fruit Salad 3.00

Entrees (Price per Person)

Santa Maria Style Tri-tip ala carte 12.00
Spanish Style Tri-tip ala carte 12.00
Tri-tip with Rosemary & Thyme served with a Horseradish Cream and Au Jus 13.00

BBQ Chicken (white or dark meat available) 9.00
Herb Chicken with Lemon Oregano Sauce 10.00
Chicken Breast in a Mushroom Cream Sauce 11.50
Herb Chicken with a Pistachio Pesto Sauce 12.00
Rosemary Garlic Chicken with an Artichoke Pesto 12.00
Herb Chicken with an Southwest Pesto 12.00
Bacon Wrapped Prawns Skewer, 3 per skewer 9.50
Salmon w/ Spicy Apricot Glaze 14.00
Herb Salmon Topped with a Parsley Cream 14.00
Salmon with Slow Roasted Tomatoes Topped with a Lemon Oregano Sauce 14.00
Almond Crusted Halibut 16.50

Baby Back Ribs, 4 ribs per person 6.00
BBQ Pulled Pork 8.50
Pork Loin with Grilled Apples 12.00
Stuffed Pork Loin with Bacon and Apples 12.00
Stuffed Pork Loin with Onions, Apples, & Sage in a Chardonnay Reduction 15.00

BBQ (substitutions available)
Tri Tip or Chicken with Ranch Beans, Salad & Garlic Bread 18.50
Tri Tip or Chicken with Ranch Beans, Rosemary Potatoes, Salad & Garlic Bread 19.50
Tri Tip & Chicken with Ranch Beans, Rosemary Potatoes, Salad & Garlic Bread 21.50
Kabobs, Veggie 7.50
Kabobs, Beef w/ mushrooms & green peppers 8.00
Kabobs, Chicken w/ red & green peppers 8.00
Kabobs, Shrimp w/ red peppers & pineapple 9.00
Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms, vegetarian 7.50

Flat breads
Chicken with Hoisin Sauce, Scallions, Cilantro & Cheese 8.50
Margherita Style with Roma Tomatoes, Mozzarella and Fresh Basil 8.00
Pulled Pork w/ Spicy Slaw 8.50
Shrimp with Pesto, Goat Cheese & Pine Nuts 9.50

Taco bar (priced per person)
Corn tortillas with choice of Chicken, Beef or Pork Carnitas (shrimp available for $1 extra) Served with Sour Cream, Salsa, Lettuce, Shredded Cheese, Jalapenos, Onion and Cilantro Salsa and an Avocado Ranch Sauce 14.50

Lasagna and Pastas
Sausage Lasagna 5.00
Vegetarian Lasagna 5.00
Seafood Lasagna 6.00
Veggie Pasta in Alfredo or Tomato Sauce 7.00
Pasta in an Alfredo or Marinara Sauce with Chicken, Meatballs or Veggies 7.00
Pasta Bar: Penne Pasta with Roasted Vegetables, Meatballs & Sliced Chicken Breast served with Alfredo and Marinara Sauce 9.00

Sides (Price per Person)

Roasted Seasonal Farmers Market Vegetables 2.50
Roasted Asparagus 4.00
Bacon Wrapped Asparagus 4.50
Ranch Style Beans 2.50
Spanish Style Beans 2.50

Potato, Rice & Pasta
Garlic Mashed Potatoes 3.50
Garlic Rosemary Roasted Potatoes 3.00
Ortega Chili and Jack Cheese Rice 3.00
Cilantro Garlic Lime Rice 3.00
Mac & Cheese, serves 12 45.00

Artisan Breads 5.00/loaf
Cranberry Walnut
Garlic Bread
Tomato Basil Focaccia
Garlic Rosemary Focaccia
Pesto Focaccia

Desserts and Wedding Cakes
Bars &Brownies (lemon, pumpkin, chocolate)
Bite Size $.75
Mini $1.25
Full Size $2.50
Cakes (please ask for flavor details)
Mini Layered Cakes $1.50
Cake Pops $2.75
Mini Cupcakes $1.25
Regular Size Cupcakes $2.50
Wedding Decorated Cupcakes $3.00
Mini (2”) $2.50
9” Fruit Cheesecake (serves 10-12) $35.00
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Small $2.00
Long Stemmed $2.50
Decorated $3.00
Mousse Cups (chocolate, mint, raspberry) $3.50
Small $1.00
Regular Size $1.50
Wedding Cookies (with wrapping) $3.75
Cream Puffs
Mini $1.25
Regular $3.00
Dessert Shooters $2.75
Éclairs Mini $1.50
Regular $3.50
Fruit Tarts Mini $2.00
11” Regular Size (serves 10-12) $35.00
Pies 3” Mini $3.50
9” Fruit or Pumpkin $15.00
9” Pecan or other $18.00

*please call Splash Café to inquire about wedding cake flavors, sizes and pricing
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