October 27, 2023

A love letter to the SLO community

Dear SLO Family and Friends,

Almost 40 years ago, I moved to this incredible community from Colorado. Initially I worked as a manager at F. McLintocks Saloon downtown (many of you know me from back then). There I met and became friends with so many SLO locals, and I came to love this amazing and diverse community.

A few years later, an unbelievable opportunity became available, and my husband and I bought Splash in Pismo Beach. I was very sad to leave SLO because I wasn’t sure I’d be back. But life has a funny way of changing when you least expect it.

In 2003, while searching for a bakery space, my family and I came across this wonderful location on Monterey Street in SLO. We loved the history of the location: first it was Ed’s Take Out and then it became Bishop’s Burgers. We loved the location so much, we decided to not only open a bakery but a second Splash Café as well.

Our 18 years on Monterey Street have been an unexpected and absolute joy. I will miss all of you: Our incredible regulars coming in for their daily coffees or favorite sandwiches, the high schoolers stopping by on their lunch breaks, Cal Poly parents during move-in week, locals looking for a quick, easy bite, and the Splash fans escaping the beach crowds. You all know who you are.

I love your families, human and four-legged. I love all of you who shared each morning with us. I love those who called ahead to save their favorite pastries. All of you have made the last 18 years unforgettable. You not only brought joy to me; you also impacted the lives of so many young people who worked at Splash Café. Thank you for that.

Over these past few years, our bakery business has grown tremendously. We’ve added local cake delivery, we bake for other businesses and hotels locally, and we’ve experienced an amazing increase in national shipping. It’s time to create a more commercial baking facility.

While the move is a positive development for my team and for the business, it does require re-focusing our resources. This was a very difficult and emotional decision for me. I love the café. The SLO restaurant will close its doors Oct. 30, 2023. Locals and visitors can still enjoy the Splash Experience at the original, landmark location in Pismo Beach.

Change is hard, but my 100-year-old mother often says to me, “Joanne, the most permanent thing in life is change.” 

Thank you for all the joy and pride and blessings you have brought me. I will cherish my memories and my years here forever.



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A love letter to the SLO community

Dear SLO Family and Friends, Almost 40 years ago, I moved to this incredible community from Colorado. Initially I worked as a manager at F. McLintocks Saloon downtown (many of you know me from back then).

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