Food orders lined up on the kitchen counter ready to be served to the customers

About Splash Cafe

In 1991, Joanne and Ross Currie purchased Splash Cafe in Pismo Beach just before the annual Clam Festival in October. That incredibly busy beginning was just the start of a 20+ year journey that has seen the Curries improve the clam chowder recipe that is now award-winning and world famous, expand to a second location in San Luis Obispo, ship the chowder fresh frozen nationally, distribute in Costco stores and other restaurants and start a gourmet catering division. It’s Splash Cafe’s customer loyalty and their insistence on using the highest quality ingredients that has caused chowder sales to grow from 5000 gallons a year in 1991 to over 40,000 gallons a year between the two restaurants.

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Joanne and Ross Currie standing in front of Splash Cafe building in San Luis Obispo