A typical busy day at Splash Cafe Bakery

Full-Service Bakery

Splash Cafe Artisan Bakery takes you back to the times when breads, cakes and pastries were made from scratch, where danish and croissants were rolled out by hand. The word “Artisan” means made with pride by human hands using pure and natural ingredients. We use these time-tested methods and incorporate fresh new ideas and flavors so our baked goods and specialty cakes bring an unexpected pleasure: real flavors with real textures.

Our sliced sourdough, focaccias and gluten-free options are offered daily, plus a variety of specialty breads like challah and honey wheat. In addition to our artisan breads, we offer a variety of breakfast pastries, cinnamon rolls and desserts. All of our delicious pastries are made daily from scratch using only the freshest natural ingredients.


Need a special cake or dessert? We specialize in Wedding cakes, Birthday cakes, Graduation cakes, Cookie Buckets, Tarts and Pastries, Individual cakes for every day, Dessert Platters and Pastry Buffets. We also provide birthday cake delivery service to homes, businesses and hotels in San Luis Obispo, as well as dormitories on Cal Poly University Campus. To place your order, click here or call (805) 544-7759.

But where do all those sourdough bread bowls for the famous Clam Chowder come from?? Every day after baking all those beautiful artisan breads and pastries we switch into high gear and start madly producing bread bowls for the cafes. We produce over 1,000 bread bowls a day to keep up with the demands of our cafe customers. You can watch our bakers shape loaves and load them into the oven through large observation windows that showcase the whole bakery. So come in and enjoy some beautiful, handcrafted breads and pastries and watch our bakers at work!

Check out our delicious cake and cupcake options below: