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Award-Winning Clam Chowder

Splash Café’s famous Clam Chowder, straight from Pismo Beach to your dinner table! We use only fresh California cream and 3 types of clams, coupled with fresh celery, potatoes, and other vegetables. This chowder is rich, sweet, and creamy with a touch of the sea. Serve it in a freshly baked sourdough bread bowls from our bakery, it is a California beach classic and truly an award-winning experience!

Carrot Pepper Hot Sauce

Combining the Bulgarian Carrot Pepper and red Serranos, Splash Café developed a sauce that is truly unique. It has a bright orange color and fruity flavor profile that complements any dish you serve it on. It is a medium hot sauce that loves food. It is delicious on eggs, salmon, steak, tri tip and pork. Killer on any kind of taco and amazing on Clam Chowder! Catch the wave of flavor with our Carrot Pepper Hot Sauce, Raucous Daucus!

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Spice Rubs

Straight from the beach in sunny Central Coast California, this enticing trio of spices will make your grilling experience unforgettable.

Smoky Espresso combines the high notes of cumin with 3 kinds of chilis and the warm tones of garlic and smoky espresso with a medley of other flavor notes and a touch of sweetness to create a spicy, robust spice rub. Perfect for tri tip, steaks, burgers and pork.

Smoky Citrus combines the bright flavors of citrus with rich smoked paprika, dill and garlic to create a vibrant rub perfect for seafood, chicken lamb & veggies.

Smoky Chimi combines the fresh flavors of sweet basil and parsley, with thyme, smoked paprika, citrus and garlic to create an herbaceous rub that is perfect for chicken, steaks, pork & veggies.

Catch the wave of flavor with our Beach BBQ Blend Spice Rubs!

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Dreaming of the beach? Splash Café Merchandise offers a way for you to transport yourself to your favorite place!

Wear a piece of the Central Coast with one of our lightweight t-shirts or cozy sweatshirts. Take our beach/picnic blanket out for a weekend afternoon of relaxation Enjoy your morning cup of coffee or tea with one of our signature clam character coffee mugs

Can’t decide what to order? Check out one of our bundles!

All of our merchandise makes great holiday, client and corporate gifts!

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