November 29, 2021

Create the Perfect Day with Splash Café


After a long week of studying hard, perfecting essays, acing quizzes and conquering that 8AM math class, you deserve a day off! 

For college students especially, taking time away from school work to decompress and get away from your desk is essential for your mental health. It renews your work ethic and prevents burnout. 

If you’re in need of a reset, a day off and a way to clear your mind and ready your spirit for another week of #crushingit, plan a perfect day with Splash Café! 

1) Pack your favorite Splash Café picnic blanket, grab a group of your closest friends (especially those in need of a break) and start your day off right at Splash Café in SLO. If waking up for those morning classes has set your internal clock to rise bright and early, leaving you regrettably unable to enjoy a few extra Z’s, we’ve got breakfast! Our pastries are baked fresh daily and you can enjoy all the classics plus a few of Splash Café’s signature creations that are sure to get your perfect day off to a great start. If you’re a sweet breakfast person, french toast, pancakes, or a bowl of yummy granola and fresh fruit are sure to satisfy. For the savory breakfast-lovers in the group, custom omelettes, chorizo tacos, loaded tots, breakfast burritos, or munchie bowls are all customer favorites.

Rolling out of bed past 11AM? No need to worry – our lunch options are delicious and nothing says comfort-food like a steaming bowl of our Award-Winning Clam Chowder (best served in a toasty sourdough bread bowl loaded with seafood, clams, green onions, bacon, and cheese). Our menu is diverse, so everybody in the group will find something they love! We have chowders & chillis, seafood & chips, tacos, sandwiches, burgers, and more. Plus, we can accommodate vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free individuals. 

Before you go, be sure to grab dessert & maybe a can or two of our wine or beer selections to enjoy throughout the rest of the day’s adventures!

2) Head to the beach and enjoy a picnic in the sand. Splash Café goodness and great company in tow, it’s time to enjoy your meal (whether it’s breakfast or lunch) in the great outdoors! And what better place than right in the middle of the sunny sand and surf that our Central Coast is famous for? Chow down while watching surfers catch a wave or seagulls soar in the breeze. After you’re done, play a game of beach volleyball. Whoever loses has to buy dessert! Oh, and don’t forget to snap a pic with your favorite Splash item and tag us at @SplashCafe. If it didn’t get posted on the gram, did it really happen? (We’re joking, but we’d love it if you tagged us!)

3) Hike up Terrace Hill and watch the sun set over San Luis Obispo. Your belly is full and you’ve enjoyed some much needed time outdoors, now it’s time to get that physical exercise in to clear your mind. But first, make sure you’re prepared with your favorite pair of hiking boots, comfy clothes, a trusty Splash Café hat, and plenty of water. The top of Terrace Hill offers a breathtaking glimpse of the city and its surrounding peaks, mountain ranges, and valleys. Even more stunning? Staying for sunset and taking in those golden hues and stunning views!

4) Take a drive to the Sunset Drive-In and enjoy a flick to end the night. You’ve eaten delicious food, spent time outdoors with your friends, witnessed the beauty of a SLO sunset on top of a mountain, and now, as dark approaches, what better way to end the perfect day than watching a movie with your buddies at Sunset Drive-In? Get cozy in your Splash Café sweatshirt, settle in with popcorn, candy, and snacks and end your night with some quality entertainment – old school style. 

Your perfect day with Splash Café will be one for the books! Not to mention, it’ll get you ready to get back to the books. And when you’re feeling like you need another break – stop in, grab takeout, and do it all over again!

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